Langkawi and Penang holiday getaway

July 17, 2006 at 2:37 am (Holidays)

Chin, Hui Shan, Slinky, William, Iylia and I packed out bags and went off on a 4 days trip up to Langkawi and Penang that was jammed packed with beer and food.

Both my favourites Big Smile. Haha.

We booked Air Asia for tickets one month in advance and managed to get tickets to Langkawi for only RM45, inclusive of airport tax. Go AirAsia! Now everyone can fly.

-Day One-


While waiting at the LCC Terminal.

(L-R) Chin, Me and William.


(L-R) Hui Shan, Iylia and Slinky.



And finally, the plane landed in Langkawi.



Watch out people, here we are!

We rented a Mazda Premacy for RM240 to last the entire 3 days and 2 nights. Good deal I would say. The guys took the car to Aseania while us girls followed the transportation provided by the hotel back.

Our ride for the trip.

This car has super pickup I tell you.


The bottles that Shan and I brought along for the trip.


And there’s that one bottle of perfume of Chin’s.



Snacking on Rocky.


And how quickly we all settled in comfortably Big Smile


Vanity trumps everything else!


Then we were off.


Someone obviously loving the different forms of liquids found there.
In the background, William was oogling over his Moet.


Only proof of our RM77 carton of 500ml Heineken beer.
So cheeeeeap.


Then we went back to the hotel for a quick dip before dinner.


The pool was absolutely fabulous!
The water was cold and the pool was all to ourselves.


Ahahahahha. This is too funny.
By the way, check out William’s guilty face behind and Chin’s I-didn’t-do-it face.


Jocelyn = Very sober
Slinky = Almost hitting that high note


Here’s a visual treat of me in my secretary spectacles.
Along with Hui Shan, we were chilling at the balcony before heading for bed.



-Day Two-


The guys all sleepy because we woke them up at 7:30am for breakfast.
And for the first time ever, girls all got ready earlier than the guys.


Us all fully awake Shades


Pictures of the beautiful pool at Aseania.


The end closest to where we stayed.



There were slides which I did not dare attempt to go down.
Nonetheless, it looks fun.

Since the pool looked so lovely, the girls thought that we should just hang around it while waiting for the guys to go back up to the room to change whislt we catch some sunlight.

Bad idea!! Those guys actually left us waiting for nearly half an hour because they went back up to sleep. Somehow, we sooooo saw that coming.

Ehehehe. So poser-ish.

Our very own boy band picture. And trust me, I’ve got more.

(Btw, the names are actually the 5 senses if you didn’t get it)


Our plans for that day was to go up the mountains via the cable car. And knowing me, I’m terrified of heights. Despite all the begging, it was all in vain as they dragged me along to the cable car destination.

This was taken at the lake outside the cable car station.

But when we wanted to purchase our tickets, we found out that they were closed for lunch. Relieved me thought that we would just have to leave or go somewhere to wait so that would buy me more time. Stubborn them decided to hang around the area. Sigh.

There was a rabbit park right next to the cable car station.

See how they all flock to you for food.



We spotted Bambi too!

In a matter of moments, lunch time was up and the cable cars were up and running again. Oh no!

But the heights actually kinda grows on you while you’re going up.



Our three LUCT friends.


Slinky, of course was no where near to being as scared as I was.


And even when we reached the top (Thank God!), we still had to WALK quite a distance to reach the bridge.




Imagine, heights plus walking. It had better be really worth all the effort.



And it was all worth it.
Once you’re up there, you don’t want to leave.





The entire group of us up there Big Smile


Shannie and I.


And then we just spent the entire hour sitting on the bridge enjoying ourselves.


And then the mist came! No words could describe the experience.


Slinky entertaining us Big Smile


The wind could actually be strong enough to make William fly Big Smile.


Everyone was drenched wet.

The rest of the day was spent either buying alcohol, swimming or resting. Nothing like a laid back holiday to make my day.

To the beach later that night to finish the beer and also maybe to be there to catch the sunrise. Everything would have gone according to plan if our bladders were cooperating with us.

But I had the time of my life. Beer before you sleep, beer when you wake up. Bliss Big Smile.

-Day 3-

This would mark the 3rd and final day we were to spend in Langkawi. The time we had left was used to shop around for chocolates, alcohol and perfume.

Surprisngly, the jetty was much nicer than I had remembered it to be. Pacified our tummies with Starbucks and KFC while waiting for the ferry to leave. I think the thing I’ll remember most from the jetty is William complaining that his potato wedges was much smaller than ours. Haha.

Oh yea, did you know that Langkawi’s KFC does not serve coleslaw. Not that I’m complaining though Smile.

With the late nights and early mornings, everyone was really tired.

And again, the ferry ride was considerably comfortable Smile. The hard part came after that when we had to take a bus from Alor Setar to Butterworth. At the bus station in Kedah, Iylia left and went back to KL.

The ride was horrible. And after that, we had to take another ferry to Penang island. Sigh. Too much travelling for a day.

While waiting for the ferry to come.

See how flushed my cheeks were, that’s because the sun was scorching!


On the ferry to Penang island.


It was a different type of ferry that I’d expected.





And then we arrived in food-abundant-penang!


We were picked up by Grace, one of William’s friend. She brought us to eat first then back to our place to wash up and get ready for the night out.

She was really friendly and hospitable. She ferried us around Penang and was a great host. Not to mention, her room is by far one of the best I’ve seen that I’ve fallen in love with. More proof of why she totally kicks ass? She actually invited us to stay over her place so we could spend a day or two more in Penang to catch the rave the next night where one of their friends was spinning. And she tempted me with her mum’s tom yum!

This was the view from our room.

William managed to get us this place where we were right next to the beach.

You would sleep to the sounds of the waves and wake to hear them again.


After a satisfying Penang dinner, we headed for Flix for some house music.

Chin, me and Shan.

Sound System and William.

William and his friends.


(L-R) Slinky, Andy, ME and Moe.

(L-R) Sam, Grace, William, Danny, Andy and JJ.
They down alcohol as though they were drinking water.

Danny (whom took part in the shuffling competition), me, Shan and William.
I think those were Chin’s itchy fingers!

For carrying my luggage the entire time.
Up and down and the stairs, to the bus, ferry, the room and everywhere else.
(Without adding anything to my luggage, somehow it grew heavier everyday!)

And the unbelieveable part is, they all had to wake up early the next morning for work while we snoozed.

We loved William’s friends to bits. They made us all feel at home there and were hilarious. We were laughing ALL the time (even though at times we didn’t understand what they were saying). Plus, my hokkien felt like it improved Smile.

-Day 4-

The last day of our getaway.

Sadly, we woke up knowing we had to head home that day. Shan on the other hand, woke to find that Navin had came all the way up to Penang so she wouldn’t have to take the bus back since she gets motion sickness. *Awww*

Grace picked us up for lunch while William went home to get his car.

After dinner, we went all the way to Gurney to satisfy my rojak cravings.

So after all the eating and bumming around in Penang, we finally caught the midnight bus back to KL.

And the funny thing was, the first thing Slinky saw when he woke up in KL were these 2 Penang and Langkawi cars. As though we never left.

I, on my part wished that the holiday wouldn’t end. Come year end, we’ll be there again, without a doubt!

11 July 2006 – 14 July 2006




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In a moment

November 8, 2005 at 8:40 am (Rants)

Holidays are here now.

Sad to say, while preparing for my finals all I could think about was the gazzillion plans I was going to do when I was free, and now all I look forward to is sleep.

Sleep sleep sleep.

I should shall make full use of my time.

Woohoo, word press is actually fun. Too bad I can’t transfer all my entries here. I really am loving it here.

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